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Boost Your Leads From the Web


We analyze your market and develop a blueprint to generate quality traffic and leads.


Using the Digital Marketing Blueprint, we boost your web presence and build trust with returning and potential customers.

Evaluation - Enhancement

We respond and adapt to changes in the marketplace so maintain your advantage.

4 Easy steps to success –
The process is quite simple

1. We learn about your business

The Digital Blueprint helps us assess where you are and what the potential is.  Speaking with you, the owner, allows us to understand your goals for your company or product.  We tap your expertise in the niche or industry so that the online marketing presence represents you and your firm.

2. We Analyze Your Situation

Where are you now? Where do you want to be?

The huge temptation with online marketing, especially among professionals, is “Ego Ranking”.  The desire to outshine your peers for a key word or phrase.  If you are worried about improving marketshare, increased business and more profits, please resist.  Let us do the research to find the words or phrases that buyers are using.  It is often tempting to want to dominate rankings for a term without regard to its value to your bottom line.

After all, would you rather point to a computer screen and say, “Gotcha!”.   Or drive up in a new automobile or invite your peers to your new home in the country acquired with your increased profits?

3. You get an analysis and action plan

Strategic analysis tailored to your goals.

Once the research and analysis is complete, it is time for us to come to you with a plan to increase your business in your targeted niches.  We’ll know what the competition does, which  factors are profitable and which are just browsers, not likely to purchase.  We’ll understand how to launch a marketing plan for you to drive more business to your door.

We’ll work together to be certain that your experience and expertise drive the positioning in the marketplace.  Efforts are tailored to your business in contrast to mass marketing efforts that cost a fortune with little hope of a strong, positive return.

4. Let’s get started…

Now that we come to understand your unique position in the marketplace, analyzed your competition, and developed a plan; it’s time to get started.

Some may promise quick results, but be wary.  In this day and age it takes time to impact the marketplace for the long-term.  The strategies we employ are designed to help you stand-out among your peers.  We want this to be a long-term impact.  So the promise of short-term results would be unwise.  Short-term results are like fireworks:  a big bang and then a fizzle.  We can discuss options for a ‘big bang’, but don’t expect us to recommend it.

We like working with our clients to achieve their marketing goals.  We can show you the path; let’s head down the road together.  Call us.

More About SF Modern Media Marketing


George O’Brien, founder of SF Modern Media Marketing, got in the business of serving others to help friends with website issues.  First it was the transition to mobile websites:  So many tourists were walking down the streets of San Francisco viewing menus, reservation options, and availability on smart devices, that local established businesses were missing out.

Initially that meant developing a website suitable to viewed on a mobile device as an option for online visitors.  That became essential and is now fundamental.  At the time, a simple secondary mobile website made sense.

Eventually, responsive websites that adapted to the size screen of the webpage visitor became the norm.

Now additional features, such as Structured Data Markup and Accelerated Mobile Pages have emerged.  On a national marketing level these are mandatory.  On a local level, one needs to examine the local market and the impact of these changes.

Interesting that large search companies often announce a new standard, but actually dial it back or adjust once they see the response in the market.  Sometimes a wait-and-see approach to major changes is in order.   George works in concert with a number of global networks that regularly meet and assess the impact of announced changes on a global, national, or regional basis.

Up-To-Date Online Marketing

In the digital marketing world, it is not so much where did you go to school as what are you doing to keep up.

George spends up to 8  hours a week just keeping abreast of the online marketing world.  Networking with other digital marketers, getting training from some of the globe’s best, and analyzing changes for his clients using a number of quantitative and statistical tools keeps SF Modern Media Marketing abreast of the market and alert to proposed changes.

Founder, George O’Brien